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Teaching & Learning Excellence

  • Susan Thomason
    Associate Vice President, Instructional Services
    Position ID: 218008
    • Vacant
      Dean, Faculty Development and Evaluation
      Position ID: 221007
    • Julie Todaro
      Dean, Library Services
      Position ID: 207024
    • Michelle Costanzo
      Position ID: 076830200003
    • Matthew Evins
      Director, Academic Technology
      Position ID: 321009
    • Samuel Greer
      Director, Employer Outreach & Experiential Learning Programs
      Position ID: 318068
    • Courtney Grams
      Director, Faculty Communication
      Position ID: 319233
    • Vacant
      Designer, Instructional
      Position ID: 318072
    • MaryJane McReynolds
      Director, Articulation and Transfer Resources
      Position ID: 318058
    • Georgia Branch
      Interim Supervisor, Instructional Support Services
      Position ID: 321139
    • Vacant
      Supervisor, Instructional Support Services
      Position ID: 318055
    • Miguel DeLeon
      Assistant I, Executive
      Position ID: 618036
    • Vacant
      Coordinator, Faculty Engagement
      Position ID: 318087
    • Vacant
      Coordinator, Faculty Evaluation
      Position ID: 621013
    • Vacant
      Specialist, Instructional Publications
      Position ID: 319049
    • Norma Ruiz
      Specialist, Faculty Evaluation
      Position ID: 618032
    • Emile Chamoun-Farah
      Assistant III, Administrative
      Position ID: 610001
    • Vacant
      Assistant, Lab
      Position ID: 619070