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VP, Institutional Planning, Development & Eval.

  • Mary Harris
    Vice President, Institutional Planning, Development & Eval
    Position ID: 216008
    • Ronald Johns
      Associate Dean, Assessment and Evaluation
      Position ID: 218019
    • Misty Rasmussen
      Associate Dean, Planning & Accreditation
      Position ID: 221000
      • Vacant
        Director, Institutional Planning & Evaluation
        Position ID: 316075
        • Vacant
          Specialist, Planning and Assessment
          Position ID: 616316
      • Margaret Maher
        Coordinator, Accreditation, Assessment, Institutional Plan
        Position ID: 621000
    • Rachel McElroy
      Manager, Grant Development & Compliance
      Position ID: 318252
      • Suzon Tropez Holmes
        Coordinator, Grant Compliance
        Position ID: 318253
    • Christine Stanley
      Officer, Resource Development
      Position ID: 314020
    • Susannah Erler
      Officer, Resource Development
      Position ID: 319221
    • Travis Jackson
      Assistant I, Executive
      Position ID: 616237