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AVP, Workforce Education

  • Gretchen Riehl
    Associate Vice President, Workforce Education
    Position ID: 216024
    • Vacant
      Dean, Arts and Digital Media
      Position ID: 217008
    • Lorlie Ellis
      Dean, Business
      Position ID: 217009
    • Linda Smarzik
      Dean, Computer Science and Information Technology
      Position ID: 217012
    • Hector Aguilar
      Dean, Continuing Education
      Position ID: 216003
    • Brandon Whatley
      Dean, Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Tech
      Position ID: 218021
    • Nina Almasy
      Dean, Health Sciences
      Position ID: 216002
    • Giao Phan
      Dean, Public and Social Services
      Position ID: 215003
    • William Crafton
      Interim Dean, Arts and Digital Media
      Position ID: 221008
    • Vacant
      Coordinator, Apprenticeships
      Position ID: 321154
    • Tammy Chalermpued
      Assistant I, Executive
      Position ID: 617317