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AVP, Community & Public Affairs

  • Chris Cervini
    Associate Vice President, Community and Public Affairs
    Position ID: 218002
    • Mary Cicala
      Director, Alumni Relations
      Position ID: 318214
    • Barry Silverberg
      Director, Center for Nonprofit Studies
      Position ID: 315078
    • Loretta Edelen
      Director, Community Engagement
      Position ID: 317141
    • Mohammed Elghoul
      Manager, Center for Public Policy & Political Studies
      Position ID: 320077
    • Alicia Del Rio
      Manager, Elections and Government Relations
      Position ID: 314056
    • Karen Prill
      Assistant I, Executive
      Position ID: 618066
    • Keisha Gray
      Coordinator, Community and Public Affairs
      Position ID: 318193
    • Jose Lujan
      Coordinator, Public Affairs Outreach
      Position ID: 318162