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Manager, Golf Course

  • Michael Travis
    Manager, Golf Course
    Position ID: 316139
    • Rick Barba
      Interim Supervisor, Golf Course Grounds
      Position ID: 618154
      • Vacant
        Grounds Keeper
        Position ID: 617196
      • Cesar Ibarra
        Grounds Keeper
        Position ID: 621012
      • David Paulson
        Grounds Keeper
        Position ID: 617192
      • Derrick Murphy
        Grounds Keeper
        Position ID: 617197
      • Domingo Vera
        Grounds Keeper
        Position ID: 616442
      • Jesus Ibarra-Diaz
        Grounds Keeper
        Position ID: 617193
    • Royce Wolfe
      Specialist, Golf Course
      Position ID: 616323
    • Vacant
      Specialist, Golf Course Grounds
      Position ID: 619065
    • James Johnson
      Assistant, Grounds Equipment Maintenance
      Position ID: 619064
    • Gerald Holmes
      Assistant II, Administrative
      Position ID: 618164
    • Angelica Huerta
      Specialist, Food Service
      Position ID: 617004
    • Benjamin Holt
      Assistant, Event
      Position ID: 618165
    • Guadalupe Flores
      Assistant, Event
      Position ID: 621068
    • Chelsea Graham
      Associate, Food Service
      Position ID: 619098